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About Home of the Homies


When our friends with DS age out of high school, it’s hard to find places of work, education, movement and sociality. Often these people end up watching a lot of TV alone. Home of the Homies emerged out of a desire to help create opportunities in all these areas for growth and fulfillment.  Read the full story next...

Carol's Story and the Hip Hop Homies' Beginning...

When I was a 15 year old in high school, a teacher came in and told us that they were piloting a program at our school. They would be bringing a small classroom of kids with “special needs” to our campus. She asked us to be aware of them and help look out for them because they weren’t sure how this would go, as it had never been done there before. She also invited us to come by and meet the kids or help in the classroom if we would like.

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High school friends Kelly and Chad at my wedding and now.

Alexa Young, CA

I remember feeling interested and excited, so I made my way to their classroom, where I thought I would be able to go in and help and serve these kids. The thing that I found out quickly, was that I would be the one that would be helped and served by them.


I was taught so many things by being around these amazing people. They’ve added so much color and love to my life and they’ve taught me so much. My life has truly been made better.


Many of my friends from that class are still in my life and it’s been over 40 years since we met! My own 6 children don’t know life without them, and I’m so grateful for that.


As we've grown older together, I realized that there aren't many things for our DS friends to do once they age out of high school. I wanted to I help my friends get out so they weren’t sitting in their rooms just watching TV. They need more opportunities for work, classes, social interaction, exercise and fun! I've always known that they LOVE music and dance so I put together a hip hop class for my dear old friends and many more I’d meet along the way.


That’s how the Hip Hop Homies began. Just a small group of my friends getting together to dance and have fun. It has now blossomed into something amazing and wonderful for everyone it touches: the Homies, their families, those they perform for, and the teens and adults that volunteer to help. Their lives have been enriched, just like mine.


I want everyone who would like to be in a Hip Hop Homies dance class to be able to do so. I also have dreams for other programs to help the adults with DS have more full and fulfilling lives, and that’s why the non-profit, Home of the Homies was created - to bring these dreams to life!

Our Mission

To return a portion of the love our friends with Down Syndrome show to all by providing opportunities to live a more fulfilling life while also helping to teach others of their amazing gifts.

Our Team

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Carol Tingey

Founder / Director


Louie Carmona

Rachel Carmona

Alexandria Johnson

Eric Gardner, Honorary Member

Kim Jackson, Media Specialist

Keaton Allen

Jaylyn Allen

Barb Wilkens, Honorary Member

Carol Tingey, Founder, President

Dr. Michael Tingey, Treasurer

Christiana Smith, Secretary

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